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With Wings
for piano
Op. 16 (2022)

The origin of this piece is rather long-winded. At one point I aspired to compose a three-movement work for piano trio very much in the style of George Crumb, whose music I was enamored with at the time. I happened to be driving to North Dakota in the summer of 2020 and was listening to the metalcore band Earth Groans. As the song that was playing was less familiar to me, I incorrectly heard the last two words of the song as "With wings," when in fact they were the words "will waste." Anyway, the two words "With wings" stuck with me, and became the starting point for what would have been the third movement of the piano trio. I tried to write it and nothing seemed to work out properly. Eventually I began to steer away from the thought of trio, and found the music made much more sense as solo piano. The piece really has nothing to do with wings, or flying for that matter.


June 2023, Chestertown MD

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