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for viola and piano
Op. 4 (2016)

This large-scale multi-movement work was written with my brother, Isak, in mind. This was my first large project working under Brooke Joyce at Luther, and I learned a great deal in this endeavor. Isak performed the first movement at Luther twice.

The large first movement calls to mind the Russian masters Shostakovich and Prokofiev with its austere piano textures, chromaticism, and rhythmic layering. The second movement scherzo was inspired by a conversation I had with Brooke about what it might be like to live in an insane asylum.

The slow third movement contains one of my favorite melodic figures I've written yet. The finale fourth movement explores virtuosic possibilities for the viola.


Decorah IA, Nov 2014 (1st movement)

Decorah IA, Nov 2016 (1st movement)

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