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The Apparition
for small SATB choir
Op. 2 (2013)

This setting of the famous poem by John Donne served as my final project for my first composition class at Luther College. Since Luther is known as a choral-centric school, it made sense to not only sing in the choir, but also to try my hand at writing for a small SATB group. Thankfully this piece got performed twice while I was at Luther; once as a vocal quartet, and once by Jubilus, the premier chamber choir at Luther.

I know for many this text seems to call to mind emotions such as bitterness and resentment, perhaps even malice. However, the words never procured such feelings in me. I felt much more the sense of loss and resignation at the thought of haunting one that was once the object of love, not because of malicious intent, but out of the inevitability of defeat.


Decorah IA, Dec 2013

Decorah IA, April 2016

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