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i was (found) in your (lost)
for two small virtual choirs and piano
Op. 11 (2020)

In my first semester of study with Alejandro Rutty at UNCG, I was asked to be one of several students to write a work for the choirs that could be performed virtually. This was timely of course, since the COVID-19 situation was now being navigated by music schools across the country, most of them not allowing students to sing in the same space. Needless to say, the concept was challenging.

I found inspiration in two vocal pieces; the Lux Aeterna by Ligeti, and a piece called Among the Angels by my former teacher Brooke Joyce. In its essence, this piece is simply the title being sung over the course of six minutes. The individual phonetic parts of each word are broken down and stretched out to give the impression of a singular universal utterance of the words.

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