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Upcoming Concerts

2021-2022 Season

Sunday, Aug 29th

St. James Lutheran Church, St. Paul MN

"Anti-Compass" CD Release show

- Bach, Prelude from Cello Suite no. 5

- MacMillan, HB to MB

- Hindemith, Cello Sonata Op. 25 no. 3

Catchfire Collective presents "Hop//Skip//Jump"

Sept 9th 7:30pm, Hope Chapel, Greensboro NC

Sept 10th 7:30pm, First Christian Church, Winston-Salem NC

Sept 11th, 3:30pm, Chapel Hill, NC

- Nicholas V. Hall, Listening Through an Open Door

- Arie Van de Ven, Bus Music

- Carl Schimmel, Roadshow for Otto

- Erin Rogers, Shimmering Dust

- Robert Honstein, Patter

- Isaac Pyatt, Manifold Destinies (World Premiere)

- Peter Swanson, Dark Jewel Tones (World Premiere)

Tickets and more info here

Catchfire Collective Presents "The Sing, The Clap, and They Shout"

Thu Nov 14th, 7:30pm

Tew Recital Hall, UNCG, Greensboro NC

- Inti Figgis-Vizueta, New Cosmologies

- Edward Top, Pots and Pans Falling

- Allison Loggins-Hull, Have and Hold

- Christopher Mayo, They sing and they clap and they shout

- Phong Tran, A lot of words

- Jen Wang, The Other Voice

More Performances to be announced

at a later date, keep checking back here!

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